Old approaches to existing problems.

Current treatments for depression and anxiety include medication and talk therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most popular approach and has been around for five decades. But because CBT requires a high level of engagement and time commitment it doesn’t suit everyone.

Prescription medications also help however they come with side effects, a perceived negative stigma by some and require patients to remember to take them on time. The reality is that current treatments alone may not be effective or accessible to everyone who needs relief.

Old approches to existing problems.

A New Approach for the way we live today.

We realized that an incredibly efficient way to deliver FTP is through mobile games. It’s really quite revolutionary. Just about everyone enjoys regular game breaks throughout their day, so we harnessed this behavior to produce real results, improving short as well as long-term moods with just a few minutes’ play every day — consistency and regularity are key.

For the best results, users engage with Hedonia’s therapeutic games daily for 10-15 minutes. Each game focuses on a different element of FTP. When used adjunct to existing clinical therapy, it can support mental flexibility. The result is people who quite simply feel better in the long run.

Research behind Facilitating Thought ProgressionTM

If you would like to delve into the scientific research behind FTP, here is a sampling of the papers published by Prof. Bar and his clinical team.

Related Research

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Finally, a product within everyone’s reach.

Most people coping with depression and anxiety will try several different methods and treatments in their search for one suited to their individual needs. Hedonia’s FTPTM based app is an accessible and complementary addition to existing therapies available to patients and because the program is effective — and fun — patients are more likely to see it through to completion.